Basic Driver Improvement Course Answers Michigan

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Basic driving improvement course Michigan answers

Written by: Virginia Ombada

Everyone has to complete basic driver improvement course in Michigan if they want to retain their licenses in the following cases; reckless driving, running a red light, highway racing, if you were a driver in a car crash and are found at fault. You can also choose to attend the BDI course to improve insurance discounts which is usually at the discretion of your insurance company.

Basic driving improvement course Michigan gives you the comprehensive version of this course totally online. After this course your insurance rates cannot go higher and the policy cannot be cancelled because of a violation when you were not at fault. Also points are not added to your driver’s license record.

In Michigan there are over 50 providers of the driver improvement courses approved by the Michigan state but this online provider gives you an opportunity to accomplish the course wherever you are. This online school promotes interactive sharing and enables you to enjoy studying traffic laws and studying statistics in ways that exceed other schools.

In a user friendly website that is easy to navigate this school enables you take and complete the basic driving improvement course in a short time. I was able to sign up for the course and within an hour I was through. This online provider of the basic driving improvement course Michigan is approved by the state unlike the case with other providers. This is a website offering a course designed to meet your specific needs while adhering to all state regulations. You don’t have to spend your day at a community college being lectured.

This online course consists of a defensive driving syllabus that meets standards of the Michigan law. You will be able to do 100% of the course online with a guarantee of a successful completion. At the end of each unit there are simple review questions that will help you prepare for the final quiz.

Who may attend?

The Michigan Department of State has to confirm the eligibility of those eligible to attend. You are eligible if you have a valid license and with less than two points on your record. Those with minor traffic violations where the violation was not a criminal offense and the ticket was received are also eligible. There is no limit to the number of times you attempt to pass a basic driver improvement course as long as you are within the 6o0 days of your notice of eligibility from the state.

Online Traffic Education

The website is up to date with mobile compatibility. You can tale the course at a pace you like because they have better ways of keeping track of your progresses. This site enables you to log in and out of the course from any device at any time. This school is legitimate with excellent tutorials. Driver improvement course can be boring to take but this website has incorporated multimedia presentations to make the course a fun experience. The course has been developed by defensive driving experts and upon completion your driving skills will be improved to such an extent that you won’t get stuck with another ticket.

What you can expect to learn

The topics covered in this online offering of basic driving improvement course Michigan include; basic driving an safety techniques, traffic laws , traffic law violations and their equivalent penalties, how to share the road with others and the consequences of alcohol and recklessness the road. 

How long does it take?

The Michigan regulation require you to take the basic driver improvement course for at least 4 hours for internet based instruction, but this online course summarizes everything in under an hour. This website’s easy features allows you to access the complete version of the course and evaluation is done as you proceed from one chapter to another. You can log out any time and when you come back you are able to continue with the course from where you left off. Here is a video I made on how to finish Michigan BDIC …

How is evaluation done?

Students are required to pass a multiple choice exam. If you fail to reach the approved score you can make new attempts to pass this course as many times as your 60 day period of eligibility will allow. This website has really simplified the course and the little quizzes at the end of each chapter will help you pass the final test.


Your performance and certificate of completion will be send electronically to the Michigan Department of State, and also they will avail you a printable. I finished the course I was able to print my certificate of completion without any charges unlike other schools. The providers of the BDI course on this website will expedite all processes and ensure that the Department of State has updated your driver’s license record.

Benefit of taking this course online includes keeping your rates low. You will also be able to earn insurance discounts. Since the course is 100% online you get to study it at your own time conveniently, without upsetting your schedule. 


If you meet the eligibility criteria, registration is a walk in the park; it is free and express. All you need to do is log on the website and fill in the registration form, once you are done you can begin the course straightway. When you log onto the site there is a link for the course on the home page of the site. You will be amazed at how this website has made this course an interactive experience, before you even know it you will be done with a valid certification.

You can find Online Traffic Education under Michigan SOS Approved List 

Save money, save yourself from the next ticket and save a day that you would otherwise spend in a boring lecture room. Take this online offering of basic driving improvement course Michigan at your own convenient time. You get to review all your knowledge on road safety and as an icing on the cake you learn some new defensive driving tricks that will steer you away from more tickets in future. This is all anybody wants.