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I have gathered some important information on how to finish your basic driver improvement course in Alcona County. I recently had to attend an online BDIC so I get my point off my driving record. So I went to Michigan SOS website and I found OnlineTrafficEducation.Com licensed with the department and the court house. The reason i picked because I read a lot of good reviews and people said that the course was super quick. Any ways at the bottom of this page you will see a short video on how to pass you Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course in less than one hour. If you follow my instruction you will pass your BDIC with 100 percent. The good thing about this site is when you finish your course you can printout your certificate instantly without  any extra charges, unlike the other schools where they charge you an arm and leg and it takes up to 10 business days until you receive your certificate.





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Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course Online In Alcona County

 If you've got a traffic ticket for any minor traffic offense, the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) may allow you to complete the basic driver improvement course Online (BDIC). Only if you're eligible. It is good to attend the BDIC to keep your driving record clean.

 Finishing the Basic Driver Improvement, also known as defensive driving, or traffic school, will allow you to:

•Avoid points on your driving record.

•Avoid increased auto insurance rates.

•Approved by the court and/or the Michigan SOS and DMV.


You should contact your insurance provider to receive a safe driving discount on your car insurance.

 One of the quickest BDIC online in Alcona County is Online Traffic Education Com. I was able to finish the course in no time, the course was super easy and fast. I was able to print out my certificate instantly without any extra charges. Customer service were very helpful over the phone.


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